Nowadays Food Safety and Quality Management are an essential part of our daily job and therefor they are for us a top priority in how we select our suppliers worldwide.

Our criteria’s are:

  • Full traceability of the products. We require from our producers to show a complete traceability from the farmers and their fields to the factory including pesticide-, herbicide-and insecticide spraying programs.
  • Food safety of the products must be confirmed by full analyses made by independent laboratories, preferably lot specific. These analyses must also include microbiological, Norovirus and Hepatitis-A test reports
  • Essential for us is that our suppliers are certified by international control bodies like BRC, ISO, IFS, Global GAP, HACCP, Kosher. These must be present and valid.
    In case of Organic products the quality must be according to NOP, Ecocert, Skal, BioSuisse etc. Clearly shown again in lot-specifgic analyses.
  • To ensure the reliability of your suppliers we carry out regularly audits of the production sites of our suppliers.
  • All the above measures have the purpose to comply with the regulations in force on the markets where our products are sold.

We are in close contact with the Quality Departments of our customers to assist them in developing new products. Sourcing and sampling are daily practices for us.

Selection of suppliers with certifications